Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ain't It Fine Today?

Here is a poem that I like to share in my motivational speeches by Douglas Metlock. It's called, "Ain't It Fine Today?"

"Ain't It Fine Today?"

Sure this world is filled with trouble, I ain't said it ain't

Lord, I've had enough of double reason for complaint

Rains an storms have come to threaten me

Skies are often grey

Thorns and bristles have beset me on the road, but say,

Ain't it fine today?

What's the use of always weeping, making trouble last?

What's the use of always keeping thinking of the past?

Each must have his tribulation, water with his wine

Life, it ain't no celebration, troubles? I've had mine,

But today is fine

It's today I'm living, not a month ago

Having, losing, taking giving as time wills it so.

Yesterday a cloud of sorrow fell across the way

It may rain again tomorrow; it may rain but say,

Ain't it fine today?

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