Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Father's Day Has A New Song!!


June 14, 2016

“Father’s Day Has A New Song”

Nashville, TN — Through the years Country music has won our hearts with great songs all about Dads. Whether it was, “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days)” “Daddy’s Hands” or, “Watching You,” each song reminds us of the role that Dad played in our lives. Just in time for Father’s Day, Nashville recording artist, Nathan Osmond introduces a new song titled, “Little Big Man” which some are calling, “The Dad song of the year.”

“Coming from a family of eight boys and having four sons of my own, I know a little bit about father and son relationships,” said Osmond. He co-wrote the tune with hit movie executive, Scott Evans (“The Sandlot” & “Radio Flyer”). The two teamed-up via Skype to write the song. Nathan’s 4 latest singles have all hit #1 on various Country charts.

The song walks you through the various stages of fatherhood from having a young son, all the way to eventually becoming the grandfather. Scott Evans said, “Working on this song really helped bring back events from my childhood.” Evans is known as the kid from real life who jumped over the fence to get the doomed baseball. The Hollywood blockbuster film, “The Sandlot” was based on real life events from his and his brother David’s lives. In regards to the song, Evans said, “We wanted to tell a story that Dad’s everywhere could relate with and I think we’ve accomplished it.”

Osmond had the idea of writing a Dad song when he teamed up with Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer to help promote his #1 hit, “The Tailgate Song.”  The company even featured Osmond’s image on all of their Dad’s Root Beer and Cream Soda cases across the country. He often jokes from stage telling his audiences to look for him in their frozen beverage section. 

Nathan surprised his father with the song at a recent performance. He dedicated the song to him from the stage. “My dad is the inspiration for many of my songs but ‘Little Big Man’ really sums up the father he always was to me,” said Osmond. He is the second oldest son of 70’s pop star, Alan Osmond and nephew to Donny & Marie.
Nathan recorded “Little Big Man” at Rock Canyon Studios in Provo, UT. Osmond’s production company, Ntune Productions recently partnered with the studio. 

Osmond is releasing this new song the same week as Country Music Association’s annual CMA Music Fest in Nashville, TN. “I hope that my fans love this new song and that they send it to each of their dads this Father’s Day.” Osmond is a proud member of CMA and is currently touring around the country with his, “Welcome To The Party” tour. “Little Big Man” is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon or wherever great music is sold.

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