Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nathan Osmond's Shares An Original Thanksgiving Poem

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day
By: Nathan G. Osmond
The month of November rolls around each year 
And we go through the same old traditions
We stuff the turkey and we stuff our faces
There’s always leftovers in the kitchen
But more often than not we seem to forget 
The reason we celebrate this day
So before we check out all of tomorrows BIG sales
Let us pause for a moment and give thanks
Give thanks to your parents who have given so much
Give thanks for your grandparents too
And how ‘bout your uncles and aunts, nephews, nieces
Think of all of the people who love you
Give thanks for your health and your clothes and your house
Give thanks for the food in your cupboards
When you’re done with that second or third plate that you’re eating
Be glad you’re not starving like so many others
Give thanks for those who put their lives on the line
So that you and I can be free
Let us never forget the ultimate sacrifices 
That have been given to you and to me
Give thanks for your teachers; give thanks for your friends
Give thanks for your enemies too
Give thanks for the trials and the lessons you’ve learned
That have molded and shaped the one we call “you”
But most of all let us never forget 
The greatest gift ever given
When a child was born in Bethlehem
Swaddling clothes wrapped that gift sent from Heaven
It’s because of Him glad tidings of great joy
Can be uttered in every tongue
As He paid for our sins in Gethsemane
And said, “not my will, but thine be done.”
And because of His great sacrifice
We know that death is not the end
Oh grave where is thy victory? Oh death where is thy sting?
When Jesus is our friend?
We have so much to be grateful for
And yet how often we forget 
To recognize the source of all blessings
Are we poor bookkeepers? You bet!
So before we pig out, let us all remember
To bow our heads and pray
The quickest way to get rich is to count all your blessings
Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

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Chris G said...

You're so right in everything you say. Amen!