Thursday, January 7, 2010

Have Nathan Osmond Come To YOUR Town!!!

Nathan Osmond has a NEW show put together for 2010 and will be taking it around the globe. Request Nathan Osmond to come to your town!!!


The Alaska Coyles said...

Alaska. You need to come and see beautiful Alaska (anchorage and/or wasilla) and we need to hear your wonderful voice. Please choose Alaska.

DeniseH said...

You should come to England just like your cousing Jared. We love all Osmonds over here. Hope all goes well. Denise

Zakkochan said...

How about Japan tour? If you decided to go to Japan tour, please let me know. We are always supporting you. "Ganbariiiiiyaaaaah!"(is "Ganbatte kudasai=Do your best" in Osaka(West Japan) language.) v^o^v