Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nathan writes song in memory of his grandmother, Olive Davis Osmond

Here's a song I just finished writing as a tribute to my grandma Osmond. I thought you would enjoy reading it.

All of The Above

A.K.A. “Olive Thee Above”

Lyrics and Music by Nathan Osmond

Verse 1

I believe in angels, cause I had to let one go

I held her hand and closed my eyes, my pain began to show

She had no wings or halo but what matters most to me

Is she was everything an angel’s supposed to be


Was it her hands?

Was it her heart?

Was it the way she made me feel those times

When we had to be apart?

Her beautiful smile?

Getting lost in those angel eyes

Was it the way she always made me feel her love?

Yes, it’s all of the above

Verse 2

She closed her final chapter and we said our last good-byes

I wrote a prayer on a white balloon I released into the sky

She may be in Heaven but she’s watching over me

And I still have my angel memories…



Yes, God sends us angels to catch us when we fall

I’ve come to know I’m not alone at all…



Zakkochan said...

That's awesome. ^^

Kel said...

Nathan that is beautiful. You should record it.