Sunday, November 15, 2009

"MEET ME IN MONTANA" - Nathan Osmond Style...

Nathan Osmond flew to Great Falls, Montana last Tuesday November 10, 2009 to thank all the Walmart's/Sam's Club's associates for all their years of support of Children's Miracle Network. Nathan's grandmother, Olive Osmond was the one who started the foundation back 27 years ago around her kitchen table.

Walmart’s partnership with Children's Miracle Network began in 1987 with a three-way handshake between “Mr. Sam” (Walton) from Walmart, the Children's Miracle Network CEO, and Nathan's Aunt Marie Osmond. Since that time they have raised more than $480 million!

Nathan thanked them for giving back to the children in their community and for understanding that their children need and deserve the best health care possible.

More than 17 million children with every imaginable illness and injury are treated each year at Children's Miracle Network hospitals, no matter their family’s ability to pay, gender, race, etc.

Nathan started the tour by singing at the Great Fall's Walmart where he did television and radio interviews. He sang for all the employees and met one of Montana's Miracle Kids, who was treated in Shodair Children’s Hospital, Zachary Bell, Age 11. Zach was hospitalized in Shodair’s acute psychiatric care unit where he was diagnosed with three psychiatric conditions: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and major depression. Zach took a liking to Nathan and wanted to show him all around the store. His grandma, Anna works at there.

Nathan then drove to Butte, Montana where he entertained more Walmart employees at the Butte, MT Walmart. His posters were all over the store and he stayed to sign autographs. Nathan slept in Helena, MT that night.

The next morning, Nathan was privileged to meet the kids at Shodair Children's Hospitals. He visited with the teenage patients in the cafeteria during their breakfast time and even sang them his NEW single, "SWEET." He was a big hit. He left to go sing for the employee's morning meeting at Helena's Walmart superstore and even led the gang in the official Walmart cheer.

Nathan did more radio interviews and headed back to the hospital to meet some of the younger kids. He sang, danced and even did a Sponge Bob Squarepants impersonation for the kids. Nathan was swarmed with a giant group hug which almost brought him to tears. It was hard to leave, but a large crowd awaited him at the Bozeman Walmart Superstore. Nathan sang for the gang and even did a TV interview in the store. He even ran into an old classmate of his there.

After signing autographs, Nathan headed to yet one more Walmart in Billings, MT. This was the biggest turn-out of them all. Nathan presented an award to Robyn Thompson, a cashier who single handedly sold more fundraising balloons than 1,000 stores combined. Nathan had dinner with the manager and several of the staff that night.

Nathan's visit to Montana was a HUGE success and the people of Walmart appreciated his kind words. Nathan fell in love with the state that his aunt Marie and Dan Seal's sang about ("Meet Me In Montana"), especially the kids at Shodair Children's Hospital. Walmart is anticipating some BIG things out of Nathan and are even looking into the possibility of getting his album in their stores. More to come from Country's newest face, Nathan Osmond!!!

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Anonymous said...

Correction on that Walmart cashier the Nathan met.

Robyn Thompson raised more money for Shodair Children's Hospital/Children's Miracle Network by herself, than the individual store totals of 1,000 Walmart locations.

Robyn is great, but she can't beat the combined fundraising totals of 1,000 stores.