Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Showcase: Nathan Osmond

Even though Nathan Osmond grew up taking tour buses and making TV appearances with his family singing group, "Osmond Second Generation," he says he feels honored to be counted among the semifinalists of the MormonTimes.com "Summer Showcase" music contest.

"I'm just one of many talented people in this mix," Osmond said. "There's a lot of talent in this church. I'm just honored to be numbered among the talent that's out there."

Osmond is pursuing a career in country music and just released his first album, "Feels Like Heaven."

"I guess I woke up one day and I was married, I had three kids, a minivan and a couple mortgages and said 'Heck, that's country music right there. I can sing about my life,'" he said in a recent telephone interview.

In "Summer Showcase," there are three rounds of voting that will determine 12 semifinalists. The musicians who have the top six videos at the end of final voting will be featured at a live concert in Utah. The top vote-getter, who will win a $5,000 first prize, will be announced at the concert. Second prize will be $2,000 and third prize will be $1,000. For more information, go to www.mormontimes.com.

Son of Alan Osmond, the oldest of the performing brothers, Nathan Osmond said that since he's been voted into the top 12, he's listened to other contestants' songs and has voted for several who he thinks should win.

Osmond, 32, plays keyboard and is learning the guitar. The song he submitted for the Showcase contest, "I Believe in Love," was at one point picked up by the country music group Lonestar. When it didn't look like they were going to get around to recording it, Osmond asked for it back and put it in his own album. Dean Sams, the keyboardist for Lonestar, helped him record it, along with three other songs, which he put on the album.

"I think that things happen for a reason," Osmond said. And while it would have been an honor to have a song he wrote be picked up by a big-name band, he said he thinks it's a total blessing to have been able to work with musicians like Sams and artists and songwriters who are Grammy award-winners.

"I hope to be able to make a long career out of sharing my gifts and my talents," Osmond said. "Just listen to it for the music and not for the last name."


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