Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nathan's 1st Movie Available for Purchase

Some of you might remember my post last summer that contained these photos of my movie shoot. This was my first movie, and I play President Gordon B. Hinckley's mission companion. I'm posed with the director TC Christensen and Levi Larsen who plays President Hinckley.

Many of you wanted to know how you could see my film debut, and here it is! The movie is now available on DVD for purchase at:
Hope you enjoy it.

All the best,


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Keith L. Brown said...

How's it going? I hope that you and your family have had a blessed holiday season.

I actually have two copies of the movie in my collection and have already watched it a couple of times. The movie was very well done and I thouroughly enjoyed it. Congratulations on a job well done! I plan to share the movie with my SA FHE group.

I pray that all is well. I wish for you, your family, and all of the Osmonds, all the best for a very successful and prosperous New Year. Take care.